Sunday, February 24, 2013

Contemplating a Major Life Change

I won't apologize yet again for not being on line much since the New Year.  Those of my fans and friends who have been following my blog know that I'm preparing for retirement from the federal government and my move to Florida.  Has it been hectic?  Let's just say that in the past month I've gotten a contract on my home in Virginia, put down a contract on a lovely home in Florida, lost the contract on my home in Virginia, and got a second contract on the homestead (the latter three all within thirty-six hours).  I've spent almost every night and weekend these past six weeks doing something in preparation for this life-changing event.  Hell, if I could write as many pages in my novels as I have filled out forms over the past two months, I would have two more books in my bibliography. 

It's been a very bittersweet time.  I've had an exciting and successful career, and am hoping that I walk away from the Agency having made the world a slightly safer place.  I've made some excellent friends who am I going to miss dearly.  And as chairman of Invisible Ink (the Agency writer's group) for the past four years, I have the wonderful opportunity to make friends with many people in the writer and publishing industry, many of whom have been very supportive in my career.  The encouragement, advice, and contacts they have provided me have been invaluable; I will never forget them, and have promised to pass that kindness on to other aspiring authors I meet. 

Three weeks from tonight me and the rabbits will be living down in Florida.  Three weeks from tomorrow, I will wake up, go out onto my back porch with a cup of iced coffee (no cigars -- I gave them up for my fiancee), and begin my new career as a a full-time author. 

I have a lot of things planned for this new career, including several novel and short story ideas, plus ways to get myself out in the public domain more.  And now that I will have the time, I hope to be much more productive than I have been lately. 

Well, it's time to head downstairs and watch the second showing of The Walking Dead.  But I will be posting again soon.

And this time, I mean it.