Author's Bibliography


Shattered World I: Paris 

Shattered World II: Russia

Rotter World (Book One of the Rotter World saga

Rotter Nation (Book Two of the Rotter World saga) 

Rotter Apocalypse  (Book Three of the Rotter World saga)

The Vampire Hunters (Book One of The Vampire Hunters trilogy)

Vampyrnomicon (Book two of The Vampire Hunters trilogy)

Dominion (Book Three of The Vampire Hunters trilogy)



This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things During the Zombie Apocalypse

Twilight of the Living Dead

Dead Water

Nazi Ghouls From Space

Author's Anthologies:

Cruise of the Living Dead: A Zombie Anthology

Incident on Ironstone Lane

Anthologies included in:

Rejected for Content: Book One -- "Lust Among the Reefs" (written under the name Matthew Arkham) 

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