Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Rotter World Saga Is Available as a Boxset for Kindle

My first zombie series is now available as a box set!

Rotter World Saga is only $.99 on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback version will be available soon.


Eight months have passed since vampires stole the Revenant Virus from a government laboratory and released it on mankind, nearly wiping out both species. In the aftermath, a small band of humans and vampires formed an alliance and rode out the zombie apocalypse in a fort along the coast of southern Maine. 

 The uneasy coalition is strained with the arrival of the creator of the Revenant Virus, Dr. Compton, who claims to have produced a vaccine that will allow mankind to take back civilization from the living dead. However, it is located in a secure underground facility five hundred miles away outside of Gettysburg.

Mike Robson and Dravko lead a team of humans and vampires, which is protected by Natalie Bazargan’s female zombie killing squad, to retrieve the vaccine. Once out of the confines of their haven, none of them are prepared for the nightmare caused by the outbreak including devastated cities, hordes of rotters, and rape gangs.   

Thus begins the Rotter World Saga. Over the next few weeks, the team faces scenarios that test their ability to survive. Mike, Natalie, and Dravko will make life or death choices that will decide not only their fates but the fate of their species, leading to the final battle between the living and the living dead to see who will control the planet.


 “With Rotter World, Scott M. Baker pulls out all the stops in a zombie thriller that is brutal, violent and terrifying. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.”—New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry, author of Patient Zero

“Think there are no new or original zombie authors? Think again. Scott M. Baker provides an exciting voice and fresh outlook on the undead. Fun, compulsive reading.”—Brian Keene, author of The Rising and City of the Dead

 “Scott M. Baker writes in the tradition of J.L. Bourne and Joe McKinney. Fans of thriller writers like Brad Thor will also find powerful, welcome similarities in Rotter World.”—Scott Kenemore, author of Zen of Zombie

Scott M. Baker has managed to bring together the best of what I love about end of the world, vampire and zombie tales in one glorious story. If you think zombie and vampire stories are overdone and there is not anything new you can do with them, Rotter World proves that theory wrong.”—Peter Schwotzer of Famous Monsters of Filmland


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