Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'll Be Appearing on the Apocalypse Nana Radio Show on 25 September

On Thursday night, 25 September I will be a guest on Jackie Druga's "Apocalypse Nana" radio show on the Prepper Broadcasting Network for The Zombie Daze show. If you haven't gotten your fill of zombies, then tune in here Thursday night at 9PM EST/6PM PST.

Monday, September 15, 2014

More Interesting Posts from Other Websites

One of the great mysteries of our time revolves around the true identity of Jack the Ripper (it's one of my favorite topics in history). According to The Daily Mail, due to a lucky purchase from an auction and some forensics work with DNA, the true identity of Jack the Ripper can be revealed as... you'll have to click here to find out.

Or maybe you won't find out. A website called usvsth3m has disputed the claims of The Daily Mail and provides their own evidence rebutting the DNA forensics provided by The Daily Mail. While usvsth3m does not identify whom they believe is the real Jack the Ripper, they do provide some fascinating counter evidence if you click here.

My wife and I always debate the part of vampire lore about why the undead don't cast shadows in mirrors (and neither do their clothes, for that matter). It's nice to see we're not alone in this debate. Andy Boylan takes a look at this in Reflecting on Vampires: Why Don't They Appear in Mirrors? 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cover Art for Upcoming Projects

Below is the cover art for two projects that will be released in October.

On 10 October, Emby Press will be releasing The Vampire Hunters: Vampyrnomicon, the sequel to The Vampire Hunters. In this novel, Drake Matthews and Alison Monroe battle The Master for control of the Vampyrnomicon, the book that reveals the darkest secrets of the vampire society.

Also scheduled for release by Emby Press on 10 October is the Monster Hunter -- Doomsday anthology. It contains my short story "From Space It Came" about a giant wolf spider mutated by radiation that crashes to Earth inside the space station and threatens a Florida college town. Below is a list of the other writers and stories that will appear in the anthology.

1. The Mercury Cascade by Paul D. Hayes
2. The Trials of Blood by Robert Cristante
3. The Deadly Toy by Tom Howard
4. Allies of Convenience by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
5. Besta Preto by Tim Jeffreys
6. Hardy by Jason Lairamore
7. The Sin that Slew the World by James Fadeley
8. Vengeance is 9 by Joyce Frohn
9. Zombies and Other Ways to Break Your Heat by Erika Dusen Tamindzija
10. Source by Benjamin T. Smith
11. The World Turned Upside-Down by John X. Grey
12. Flight of the Bumble-Beelzebubs by William R.D. Wood
13. Silver Tide by Jonathan Ward
14. Shadows by Patrick Van Slyke
15. From Space It Came by Scott M. Baker
16. At the Gates by David Dunwoody
17. Mr. Toad vs. Dracula by Gareth Barsby

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Keith Publications, publisher of my novella Dead Water, carried my blog Why Do I Write? Please check it out and all the great books published by Keith Publications.

Monday, September 8, 2014

More Interesting Posts From Other Websites

Last week I posted a piece about, Patrick McLaw, the 23-year-old teacher whose rights were blatantly violated for writing a novella about a school terrorist attack nine hundred years in the future. Now 16-year-old Alex Stone has been arrested and suspended from school for writing a fictional story about killing a dinosaur with a gun. I wish the school officials who enforce their Zero Tolerance policies with such zeal would show the same determination in stopping bullying in schools, which is a far more prevalent and destructive activity.

On a more positive note, Penny Sansevieri, author and CEO of Author Marketing Experts, has written a piece for The Huffington Post titled Why (Some) Authors Fail, a very frank discussion of what to do and not to do if you want to succeed in the publishing industry.

And let's end off with some fun stuff. Check out List25's 25 Creepiest Places on Earth. The ones I want to see are Beelitz Military Hospital (#22), Takakonuma Park (#24), and of course Pripyat (#20) and Sighisoara (#17).

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Upcoming Convention, Radio Appearances

Following the release of Yeitso, and the upcoming releases of The Vampire Hunters: Vampyrnomicon and "From Space It Came", I'll be attending several conventions in Georgia and Florida where I'll be signing copies of my new books as well as my previous works. The schedule of events is below:

Walker Stalker Convention at the Americasmart Building 2 in Atlanta, Georgia, 17-19 October 2014. The guest list includes numerous cast members (past and present) from The Walking Dead, Howard "Bub" Sherman from the original Day of the Dead, and more.

Spooky Empire at the Doubletree Universal Hotel in Orlando, Florida, 24-26 October 2014. The emphasis this October is on horror writers, and several dozen will be attending. Other celebrity guests include The Walking Dead alumni Michael Rooker, Lew Temple, and "The Kids of The Walking Dead"; Tara Reid of Sharknado 2 fame; and Terry Moore from the original Mighty Joe Young.

Winter Garden Wonderfest at the Bella Room Banquet Hall in Winter Garden, Florida, 30 November 2014. Hosted by Florida Geek Scene, this event be showcasing many of Florida's comic and media talent in the fantasy realm.

I'll also be making a few more guest appearances on Apocalypse Nana Radio with Jackie Druga, that is, unless I wear out my welcome. Jackie will be hosting me on on Thursday, 25 September for the "Zombie Daze" show, and again on Thursday, 23 October for the "Apocalypse Living" show.

One of the Creepiest Short Stories Ever

My stepdaughter loves Creepypasta, a website dedicated to publishing short stories designed to scare its readers. She trolls through that site and then can't get to sleep because it scares the hell out of her. There is one story in particular she loves, and she recently got me turned on to it -- "The Russian Sleep Experiment" about a Soviet sleep deprivation experiment that goes horribly wrong. The unidentified author created a macabre tale that's a perfect blend of horror, history, and medical facts and that drips with the frightening possibility that the events described could have happened. The audio version on makes the story even more spine chilling.

If you have thirteen minutes to be truly creeped out, then click here.