Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all my fans and friends. May your scares be bone chilling and may your Trick or Treat bags be filled to the brim with your favorite sweets.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Photos From SuperMegafest

This was unique for me. SuperMegafest was the first time in five years that I attended a convention as a guest rather than a vendor. My daughter Maddy and I had a great time (and spent a lot of money), and I got to meet Marta Kristen and Mark Goddard.

Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson from Lost in Space) was one of the sweetest and nicest people I've ever met. It was such a thrill to meet her.
Marta Kristen, Bill Mumy (Will Robinson), me, Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson), and Mark Goddard.

Sure, I changed sides. But they have the cooler uniforms.

It scares me how well Maddy fits in. Hail Hydra.

Aye, matey. It's a pirate's life for me.

Maddy is enjoying this way too much.

Monday, October 8, 2018

My Interview With Get Published

Recently I was interviewed by Paul Brodie of the Brodie Consulting Group for his Get Published Podcast about the publishing industry and how I got my start in it. You can listen to the interview here.

Friday, October 5, 2018

I'll Be Taking Over the Reanimated Writers' Group on 6 October

Saturday night, 6 October, from 8 to 10 PM EST, I'll be taking over the Reanimated Writer's Group. We're going to have a fun time. And yes, there will be giveaways of my Kindle books and autographed copies of my Rotter World series. This is an event people are dying to attend. I hope to see you there.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Salem Horror Fest Begins 4 October

For everyone who lives in New England, be sure to visit Salem Horror Fest in Massachusetts from 4 to 14 October. There will be movie showings, special events, and celebrity appearances (you can download the schedule here). You'll have a wicked good time.