Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Musings

There's nothing too exciting to write about this week.  I've been fighting a head cold since last Sunday that nearly became bronchitis this weekend.  Thankfully, I think I'm out of the woods and won't be joing the ranks of the hacking dead any time soon.

One item of interest.  Dawn's Reading Nook on 27 November posted an interview with me.  Please check it out at

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I just wanted to wish my readers a Happy Thanksgiving.  When you sit down today with family and friends, enjoy too many helpings of turkey and the trmmings, and then lapse into a turkey coma on the sofa, please take a moment to think of the men and women serving overseas who are putting their lives on the line every day to keep us safe here at home.  That is something to truly give thanks for. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Bunnies

Okay, so you're asking yourself what the hell do rabbits have to do with horror writing.  Technically, nothing.  However, like my writing, my six house rabbits are what ground me in sanity when the real world starts sucking big time, and they've taught me not to take myself too seriously.  Anyone who has a pet knows what I'm talking about.  So every Sunday I'll post a photo of one of my guys on the blog.  (For anyone interested in the stories of each of the furry residents of this household, please check out Cocoa's page on my website --

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting to the End, Slowly but Surely -- Final Chapter

I finished the zombie novel on Monday.  It came in at just under 100,000 words.  So now I'm going to take a break, work on the re-writes for The Vampire Hunters trilogy, and hopefully crank out another zombie short story.  But first, I'll reward myself by diving into Left 4 Dead 2.  (I picked up the game last night after work and spent 90 minutes trying it out.  Bloody awesome.  I've yet to decide if my favorite melee weapon is the chainsaw or the katana sword.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting to the End, Slowly But Surely -- Part III

I'm up to 98,000 words in the zombie novel.  All I have to do now is finish off the epilogue. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting to the End, Slowly but Surely - Part II

Had a very productive day.  Wrote 5000 words.  The book is now at 93,000.  All I need to do is finish off the final battle between humans and zombies, and then draft the closing chapter.  With luck I should have it completed this weekend.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting to the End, Slowly but Surely

Had a fairly productive weekend with the zombie novel. I'm up to 88,000 words. I hope to have the first draft of the manuscript completed by Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Greetings From a New Blogger

Thank you for visiting this blog. I don't know what search term brought you here, but I hope you're not disappointed.

I'm an aspiring horror author. After six years of writing and three years of trying to get published, I finally got my break. Since April of this year I've had three works published or accepted for publication. Living Dead Press has published two short stories about zombie outbreaks -- "Cruise of the Living Dead" in their Dead Worlds: Volume 3 anthology (August 2009), and "Deck the Malls with Bowels of Holly" in their Christmas Is Dead anthology (October 2009). Living Dead Press publishes quality anthologies from up-and-coming authors who love the genres, so if hordes of the walking dead and gallons of gore is your thing, please check them out.

Even more exciting, in March 2010 Shadowfire Press will publish as an e-book my first novel, The Vampire Hunters, which is an urban fantasy about a small band of humans hunting vampires in contemporary Washington D.C. Shadowfire Press also has expressed interest in the next two books of The Vampire Hunters trilogy. The vampires in my books are not romantic figures trying to find a place in society. While I understand the popularity of such books and do not in any way mean to denigrate this genre and its authors, I'm an old school horror fan who grew up watching Peter Cushing battling Christopher Lee. My vampires are purely evil and see humans as nothing more than a means by which to satiate their desires.

For those of you who typed in the search term "rabbits" and wound up here, Google is not malfunctioning. I'm dad/staff/servant to six house rabbits. Cocoa, the mottled white-brown lop pictured above, was the inspiration for the character van Helsing in my vampire trilogy. So if the thump in the night you crave is from something cute and furry, don't go any further.

Blogging is a brave new world for me, and I'll try not to make it boring.  I hope to post to this site as regularly as possible and fill you in on the latest news on the writing front, mental musings from me about writing or horror-related topics, or maybe the latest rabbit mischief.