Monday, August 31, 2015

Apocalypse Monday

I thought this was apropos since central Florida has been worrying all week (as it turns out, for nothing) about being hit by Hurricane Erika. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Review of Yeitso by Shattered Ravings

Yesterday Yeitso received an excellent review by Matthew Scott Baker (no relation) of Shattered Ravings. Matthew stated that "the story... is riveting and curious, a mystery rife with intrigue and horror. With this book, Baker has put himself in the running as an alpha male in the wolf pack of independent horror authors." Be sure to check out the entire review here

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Change of Pace This Monday

Usually I post an apocalyptic picture, but this morning I want to do something a bit different. Today the entire family gets back into it's routine after a nice summer break. My stepdaughter starts eighth grade, my wife begins her new job, and, with the house to myself (except for my four furry muses), I will buckle under again and tackle several writing projects (see my last blog). We're all excited about this. Still, I have to post my favorite "holiday" video. I'm sure a lot of parents can relate.

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Writing Projects for 2015 and 2016

Summer is nearing an end. I took advantage of my daughter's summer vacation, my wife having time off as she transitioned between jobs, and my having completed several projects that ran simultaneously to enjoy a few weeks of down time with my family. On Monday, my daughter and wife go back to school and work, respectively, so I'll be back in front of the keyboard typing away furiously. Trust me, I have a lot to keep me busy.

Rotter Apocalypse, the sequel to Rotter Nation and the final book in the Rotter World saga, is in the final stages of production and is scheduled for release around 10 October. This book is the best one in the series. I've been working on this project for close to five years now, and I'll miss the characters, at least those few (if any) who survive. Stay tuned for the exact publication date and promotional deals tied in with its release.

I'm about to begin a new project I'm very excited about, one that combines my two passions outside of my family -- history and horror. The series is titled OSS: Office of Supernatural Services and will tell the story of Allied intelligence officers battling Nazi occultists during World War II. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the war, such as the significance of the vault with twelve pedestals beneath the SS Obergruppenfuhrer Hall at Wewelsburg Castle. With OSS I plan on creating my own legend surrounding these mysteries while blending historical events and figures with intense action and horror. I've been waiting two years to wrap up the other series in order to begin this one.

The Hell Gate project is still going strong. Hell Gate is being shopped around. The first draft of the second book is completed and with my beta readers, and I'm drafting plot lines for the next four books in the saga. With luck, this series will begin publication in mid- to late 2016.

As of the moment I still do not have confirmed publication dates for the Monster Hunter: Doomsday anthology with my short story "From Space It Came" (a giant alien spider terrorizes Gainesville) or the third and final installment of The Vampire Hunters trilogy, Dominion. I'll pass along that information when it becomes available.

That's it for now. I plan on being busy until the spring. For my fans, I promise you the wait will be worth it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Will Be a Guest on the Wicked Little Things Podcast Show This Friday

This Friday night (21 August) at 9:30PM EST (10:30PM CST), I will be a guest on Catt Dahman's Wicked Little Things podcast. We'll be discussing writing, zombies, vampires, giant bugs, and what ever else comes to mind. Since Catt is also an editor at J. Ellington Ashton Press, one topic of conversation will be the splattergore anthology Rejected for Content and my short story "Lust Among the Reefs," my first (and only) foray into consensual tentacle sex. It promises to be an interesting evening.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

ATTENTION ZOMBIE WRITERS: Details On How To Join Armand Rosamilia's Winter of Zombies Blog Tour

Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dying Days series, is preparing his Winter of Zombies Blog Tour for later this year that will spotlight 35 zombie writers. If any of you are interested in being part of this blog tour, check out his website for the details.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Reviews of Rotter Nation and Yeitso

I returned from vacation on Tuesday to find two reviews waiting for me.

The first was a review of Rotter Nation from The Rotting Zombie. The reviewer gave Rotter Nation a rating of 9 out of ten rotting zombie heads and stated: "I loved Rotter Nation, it was a huge step up from Rotter World." I was really pleased when he said that my bad guys (i.e. Price and his rape gang) "make the governor of The Walking Dead fame seem like a saint." You can read the full review here.

The second was an Amazon review of Yeitso that gave the book five stars and said, in part: "Expect giant monsters & human prey. You can also expect good writing & a good story. The origin of the monster is just believable enough to allow suspension of disbelief."

What a good way to start off coming back to work.