Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Play Time Is Over

It's been a fun holiday.  I had a lot of downtime, but was far from productive (unless, of course, you consider beating two levels of Left for Dead 2 productive).  Most of the time was spent relaxing and doing nothing, or aggravating the rabbits with the digital camera.  However, tomorrow it's back to work, to both my day job and my writing. 

2010 promises to be a busy and, hopefully, successful year.  Shadowfire Press is publishing the digital version of The Vampire Hunters in March, and currently is reviewing the second and third books in the trilogy for possible publication.  The search is still on for a print publisher.  The final draft of the zombie vs. vampire novel needs to be completed, and after that I would like to start the next book this summer.  Plus I have a few short story ideas to hopefully get drafted. 

So tomorrow it's back to the keyboard.  Hopefully you'll all be with me to close out 2010, and won't be disappointed.

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