Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Bunnies

This is Woodstock (Woody), our rescue rabbit.  He is the most even-tempered bunny of the group, and asks for nothing more than love and attention.  But don't let that innocent face fool you. If he doesn't get what he wants, he can be a little weasel.

A while back I was down in the basement study working on one of my novels and became so engrossed in writing that I spent nearly five hours on the computer and no time with Woody.  Big mistake.  When I came back down after dinner, this is what greeted me.

Not only had he pulled out the bag of Care Fresh (for his litter box) from beside the cage and tore it open, he had spread the contents all over the rug.  He also ripped apart a roll of paper towels, dragged the shirt he uses for a bed over by the computer (far left), and pulled the manila envelopes off the printer shelf and chewed them.  The best part was when I came down and saw the mess, he raced over and sat in the middle of everything, taking pride in his work.  I didn't get anything else done on my novel that night because I had to spend the next few hours placating a pissed off rabbit. 

I sometimes wonder who's the pet and who's the master.

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