Sunday, October 28, 2012

Film Locations in Fort Myers from George Romero's Day of the Dead

While I was in Fort Myers, Florida, last weekend for ZombiCon 2012, one of the volunteers informed me that the festival originated in Fort Myers because that was where George Romero filmed the opening sequences for Day of the Dead (1985).  After I was done kicking myself for not knowing that, I decided the next morning on my way to the convention hall to check out some of the locations.  With the limited time I had available to research, I was only able to find a few of the locations.  Nonetheless, I posted them below along with the accompanying scene from the movie.  Hopefully I'll get a better set next year

The Edison Theater (on the corner of Hendry and Main Streets) as it appeared in Day of the Dead.

As the Edison looks today.

Hordes of the living dead roaming the streets of Fort Myers (at the corner of Hendry and Main Streets; the Edison Theater is hidden from view on the corner to the right.)
As it looks today.

The living dead in front of the Federal Building on First Street (now the Sidney and Berne-Davis Art Center).

As it looks today.


  1. Cool pix, but you missed the heli pad 'entrance to underground base' on Sanibel Island.Was out that way this weekend and collected dirt (and sand) from town and isle for my sons collection of horror movie dirt - including NOTLD & Dawn. Now he's got all 3.

  2. I was in town days for ZombiCon and didn't have time to get outside the city. Next time I'm the area, I'll check out more of the locations.