Friday, November 2, 2012

Day Twelve of The Vampire Hunters Blog Tour: Tea and Book and The Random Musings of a Writer, and My Guest Blog on Why I Write

Today I'm happy to be hosted by Tea and Book and The Random Musings of a Writer: Lissette E. Manning.

Shauni of Tea and Book said about The Vampire Hunters: "If you are looking for Edward Cullen or even Frank Langella, go directly to romance section and do NOT collect this book. This book is Horror plain and simple. Like the Vampire legends of old, Scott Baker delights in tormenting us. This really is your father's Vampire novel."  Shauni also paid me a very nice compliment by saying: "I am in love with the way Scott Baker's brain works.. ok, so it scares me just a little but what a gift!"  You can read the entire review here.

In addition, Shauni posted on her other blog -- Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales, and Fantasy (and you know with a name like that I'll be closely following this blog from now on) -- my musings on why I write.  Please check it out here.

Last but not least, The Random Musings of a Writer also reviewed The Vampire Hunters, stating: "This was one of those books that you just can’t put down. Fast paced and full of action, the story hooks you in from the moment you flip the first page."  You can read the entire review here.

This concludes the portion of the blog tour on The Vampire Hunters.  The tour resumes on 7 November with a series of reviews on The Vampire Hunters: Vampyrnomicon.  See you then.

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