Monday, April 8, 2013

I Thought Retirement Was Supposed To Be Relaxing?

Last week I had planned on getting a lot of writing done, but life got in the way.  Last Monday, not only did the sale of the house Alison and I wanted to buy fall through at the last moment, but one of my rabbits crossed over Rainbow Bridge.  Ghiridelli, who was over nine years old and had been with me since 2005, passed away of old age.  He had seemed happy every time I visited him at the bunnysitter, and had been eating and drinking fine all weekend, but my bunnysitter noticed a rapid weight loss over the weekend.  I was going to go over Monday night to see him, but he passed away peacefully in his sleep that afternoon.  He is greatly missed.

Despite everything, I did make some headway on Rotter World II, and I completed and submitted my story for Fringework's Raus! Untoten! anthology.  I'm getting ready to begin the final revisions for Hell Gate, my young adult novel, and have been prodded by a literary agent to begin working on my World War II Nazi occult novel.  Also, once Machina Mortis is out in trade paperback, I will be running a contest involving my latest zombie short stories. 

And hopefully in the next few weeks, once we finally find a place and get settled, I'll have some news on conventions and book signings. 

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