Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pictures From Our Honeymoon in Germany: Nuremburg

Our last stop in Germany was at Nuremburg. We stayed in a fabulous hotel just outside the old walled city, so we walked around and took photos. 

St. Lorenz Church (St. Lorenzkirche), dedicated to Saint Lawrence, was built in during the 13th and 14th Centuries around the walls of an old Roman basilica. It was badly damaged during World War II and later restored.

Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) was built between 1352 and 1358 under the supervision of Prague's master cathedral builder Peter Parler.  Originally Protestant, Our Lady was taken over by the Catholics after Nuremburg fell to Bavaria in 1806.

I do not know which church this is (there were so many in the downtown area I forgot). But hey, it looks cool.

My wonderful bride and me enjoying dinner in old town Nuremburg.

The Palace of Justice off of Furtherstrasse where the Allied Military Tribunal held the Nuremburg Trials in 145-1946 for the top Nazi war criminals. The trials were held on the top floor where the four large windows are located.

Inside the courtroom.

The dock where the twenty-two Nazi defendants sat during the trials. It was eerie knowing that I was this close to where pure evil used to sit and defend itself.

The original benches used by the defendants during the trial.

What Nurumburg is most notoriuos for is the Nazi Party rallies. This is the remains of the Zeppelintribune grandstand, which was made famous when the giant swastika on the roof of the reviewing stand was blown up by the Allies in 1945. The columns on either side of the grandstand (shown in the second photo below) were torn down in 1967 because of deterioration.

A close up of the grandstand showing the speaker's platform from where Hitler gave his speeches.

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