Thursday, July 2, 2015

Update on My Current Writing Projects

Rotter Apocalypse, the final book in the Rotter World trilogy, is scheduled for release 1 October 2015. The cover art has been completed and the manuscript is undergoing final edits. I'm very excited about this novel because I wrap up all the loose ends left hanging in Rotter Nation and detail the war between humans and living dead for control of the earth.

The Vampire Hunters: Dominion, the final book in my vampire trilogy, is being finalized and is set for release in August.

"From Space It Came" -- about a giant wolf spider that terrorizes Gainesville, Florida -- will soon be published in Emby Press' Monster Hunters: Doomsday anthology. The Kindle version will be released in the next few days; the print edition is scheduled for publication by late July. I will provide exact dates and links as they become available.

Hell Gate, the first book in my post-apocalypse young adult series, has been submitted to a publisher and I'm waiting to hear back. I am also revising the second book in the series and plotting out the third book.

Finally, this fall I'll begin work on my latest series -- OSS: Office of Supernatural Services. Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler make a pact with Satan to ensure success on the Eastern Front and guarantee the existence of the Thousand Year Reich, and it's up to  a small band of intelligence officers in London to uncover the details of this Faustian bargain and stop the Nazis before they conquer all of Europe.

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