Friday, August 14, 2015

Reviews of Rotter Nation and Yeitso

I returned from vacation on Tuesday to find two reviews waiting for me.

The first was a review of Rotter Nation from The Rotting Zombie. The reviewer gave Rotter Nation a rating of 9 out of ten rotting zombie heads and stated: "I loved Rotter Nation, it was a huge step up from Rotter World." I was really pleased when he said that my bad guys (i.e. Price and his rape gang) "make the governor of The Walking Dead fame seem like a saint." You can read the full review here.

The second was an Amazon review of Yeitso that gave the book five stars and said, in part: "Expect giant monsters & human prey. You can also expect good writing & a good story. The origin of the monster is just believable enough to allow suspension of disbelief."

What a good way to start off coming back to work. 

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