Sunday, November 15, 2015

Winter of Zombie 2015 Spotlighted Writers, Week Two

Below are the spotlight segments for the second week of writers on Armand Rosamilia's Winter of Zombie 2015 blog tour. If you're looking for a new zombie writer to check out, or are already fans of one of those on this list and want to know more about him/her, then click on the links below, or skip farther down to the writers' guest blogs.

Joseph A. Coley, author of Six Feet From Hell: Unity

Zach Bohannon, author of Empty Bodies 3: Deliverance

Steven Pajak, author of the Mad Swine trilogy

Duncan P. Bradshaw, author of Class Four: Those Who Survive

Derek Ailes, author of Zombie Command: A Horror Anthology

Nerys Wheatley, author of Mutation and Downfall

Writers' guest blogs:

G.G. Silverman: What’s With the Zombie Craze? I Think I Have Some Answers

Greg P. Ferrell: A Day in the Life of the Dead: Chapter 3 and A Day in the Life of the Dead:Chapter 4

P.M. Barnes: I Dream of Zombies

Jay Wilburn: Sophomore Effort

John O'Brien: Why Zombies?

Michael Robertson: Five Great Zombie/Virus Comics

Mike Evans: Are You Ready?

Shawn Chesser: My Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team

Jack Wallen: Suspension of Disbelief 

Rhonda Hopkins: Survival: Skills and Knowledge We May Need When the Zombie SHTF

Brice Chandler: Mutated Genre

Ted Nulty: Zombie Tour

Russell R. James: The Staying Power of the Undead

Scott M. Baker: Is the Zombie Craze About To Come to an End?

Jay Wilburn: Familiar Characters -- Same, But Different

J.L. Koszarek: Literary Zombies

Samie Sands: The AM13 Series

Jamie Johnesee

P. Mark DeBryan: Mark DeBryan's Take on the Zombie Apocalypse

Mikhail Lerma: Comparing Zombies to Other Monsters

Peter Meredith: Why I Write Zombie "Literature"

Rebecca Besser: Shut the Damn Door

Courtney Rene: Zombies Everywhere

Duncan P. Bradford: Top Five Zombie Films

Ricky Cooper: Excerpts from the Broadhead Archives: File 2

Jay Wilburn: The Miracle of a Smooth Edit 

Peter Welmerink: Be Away With You, You Non-Zombie Purist  

Rob E. Boley: Zombies: Rambling About Rules and Relevancy  

Heath Stallcup 

Edward P. Cardillo: Can Zombie Fiction Be Literary? 

James Friesen: Surviving Cold Weather in a Zombie Apocalypse  

Jessica Gomez: Infected  

Duncan P. Bradshaw: The Plan   

Greg P. Ferrell: A Day in My Dead Life: Chapter Nine
Eric A. Shelman: The Beginning... Again  

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