Friday, January 8, 2016

Hell Gate Scheduled for Release October 2016

Inferno by Giovanni da Modena 1379 - 1455
My editor at Burning Willow Press told me yesterday that Hell Gate, the first book in my young adult post-apocalypse series, is scheduled for publication in mid-October 2016. In the months leading up to its release, we will be undertaking a marketing campaign geared toward the young adult audience that, for me at least, promises to be new and exciting.

As a further tease, here's the preliminary jacket blurb for Hell Gate.

Sixteen year old Jason McCreary endures a double nightmare. Not only does he live in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by demons that have entered our realm through gates connected to Hell, he also carries the guilt for humanity’s fate because it was his mother's scientific experiment that created these portals. Desperate to erase his shame, he joins the team of hunters that clears the Hell Spawn from the countryside around the survivor’s camp at Mont St. Michel off the coast of France. When the hunters are tasked to travel to Paris to close the Hell Gate, Jason sees this as an opportunity to finally clear his family name. During the journey, Jason discovers frightening environments worse than anything he could imagine, and demons more terrifying than those he has encountered before. He begins the process of redemption and slowly earns the respect of his peers… until a web of lies unravels, threatening to rip apart Jason’s world and jeopardize the team’s chances of success.

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