Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Writing Marathon Has Begun

After a short hiatus from writing, this week I dived into the deep end of the pool as I began the first of several writing projects that will take me to the end of 2016.

This past Monday I began an entirely new project for me tentatively titled THA: Trans-Human Assassins. With twenty-three years of experience working for the CIA and another thirteen writing horror. I've decided to merge the two into a horror techno-thriller. The novel includes genetically-enhanced killers, advanced technology, super bio-weapons, nuclear arms, North Korea, a dashing and charismatic CIA hero, and enough blood and gore to keep everyone happy.

This summer I'll begin work on the third book in the Hell Gate young adult post-apocalypse series. This one takes place in Manchuria in northeast China and will introduce some viscerally evil demons. I'm already working on ideas for the fourth book in the saga, which will take our heroes to Japan. Following that, I'm going to pull together the notes from my beta readers and draft the final revision of OSS: Office of Supernatural Services. Hopefully I begin publishing that series in 2017.

The final touches are being put on the self-published edition of The Vampire Hunters trilogy and the three books will be available in print and Kindle editions in April. This will be the first time in almost two years that all three books are available at once.

Another project I'm working on is the compilation of a second anthology, this one of my non-zombie-themed short stories, most of which have never been published. I hope to have that book available by the fall. And I have a special Christmas surprise planned for all my fans.

That's it for now. The rest of this year will be very busy and productive, so tune in regularly to get the latest news.

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