Thursday, August 4, 2016

Upcoming Events for 2016-2017

As I sat down this morning and looked through my calendar, I realized I had several events coming up over the next six months, some of which I have not posted about yet.

15 August -- Incident on Ironstone Lane: and Other Horror Stories, my non-zombie-themed anthology, will be released for Kindle only. Stay tuned for a cover reveal and information about the content.

October -- Throughout the month myself and several other vampire writers will be participating in the Vampire Books 4 Blood charity drive. I'll be blogging about this in more detail later, but in short 50% of the net profit of any copy of The Vampire Hunters trilogy sold on line in October will be donated to the American Red Cross. 

7-9 October -- I'll be attending Spooky Empire at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida along with a group of other highly-talented writers. The up-to-date list of celebrity guests and writers attending this year can be found here.

16 October -- Hell Gate, the first in my young males-oriented Yong adult post-apocalypse series, is scheduled for release from Burning Willow Press. There is going to be a big event, with prizes, giveaways, and lots of other exciting stuff, so be sure to drop my blog and Facebook pages for the latest updates.

15 October -- From 1:30 to 2:00 PM CST (2:30 to 3:00 PM EST), I will be attending Tj Weeks' book launch for  his latest zombie novel The Horror Squad: Book 3.

20 November -- I'll be making my second appearance at Clermont Comic Con at the Performing Arts Center in Clermont, Florida. This year's guests include comic book creators George Perez and Chuck Dixon, voice actor Dimitri Diatchenko of Fallout 4, and Tyler Cravens of Netflix's Bloodline and Sleepy Hollow. This convention is getting more popular as years go by, but at the moment it's still small enough for fans to meet and get some face time with their favorite celebrities.

January 2017 (TBD) -- On either 14 or 28 January, I will be attending Dreadfest 2017 at the W.T. Bland Public Library in Mount Dora, Florida. This one-day event is designed to showcase the dark side of fiction writing and includes writing contests, panels, and book signings. I'll be posting more on this event later in the year.

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