Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remembering Those Who Died on 9/11

Fifteen years ago today I was sitting in an office in Langley watching the news coverage of the plane that had crashed into the World Trade Center. My friend and I were wondering how anyone could be stupid enough to hit a building of that size on a clear day when the second plane struck the second tower. I can't even begin to describe the shock and horror that went through our office as the realization hit that America was under attack. The next few years changed America, the way we lived, and my life in ways I could not begin to imagine on that September morning. I also remember that for a few brief moments we were not liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, black or white -- we were united as Americans. Let's put aside our differences for one day and remember those who lost their lives that fateful morning, from those who died in the terrorist attack, to those who began the fight in the skies above Pennsylvania, to those who sacrificed themselves rushing into burning buildings to save those who were already doomed.

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