Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Twilight of the Living Dead Available for Pre-Order

April 1945. World War II in Europe is entering its bloody finale. Berlin has been invaded – not by the Red Army, but by an army of the living dead. The zombie outbreak has ravaged the capital, leaving as the only survivors those who sought refuge in the city’s three fortified flak towers. 

Oberst Dieter Bock, commander of the Tiergarten Flak Tower with thirty thousand civilians under his care, faces the dilemma of watching everyone slowly starve to death, attempting a mass breakout through the hordes of the living dead, or deserting his post and making his way to safety with his lover Margarethe.

The decision is made for Bock when a failed rescue attempt to save the Fuhrer leads to the flak tower becoming the final battleground between the living and the dead.

This novella also contains the short story “Lebenden Toten at the Gates” about Wehrmacht soldiers battling Soviet zombies at Stalingrad. 

You can pre-order Twilight of the Living Dead here for only $1.99. The official release date is 17 September. 

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