Thursday, February 11, 2010


That's what Washington is calling the three storms that blanketed the area over the past two weeks.  The region broke the all-time record set in 1898-1899 of 54 inches, with a total winter accumulation (so far) of over 56 inches.  But that was in Washington, where they traditionally get less snow than out in the suburbs.  In northern Virginia we've gotten well over six feet.  I did so much shoveling the past two weeks I wouldn't have been surprised to find a wrecked spaceship and its alien occupant frozen in ice.

I did use the down time to get a lot done on the books.  I finished reviewing the proofs for The Vampire Hunters and returned them to Shadowfire Press.  And I heard that the cover art should be ready soon.  Only a month to publication.

So check in frequenly and pray for spring.

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