Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interesting Stuff I Stumbled Across While I Was on Vacation

In between book signings, I spent the week with family.  Despite my best intentions to get some serious writing done, I spent my time catching up on backlogged reading and surfing the Internet.  So since I have nothing productive to blog about this week, I opted to point out some of the cool stuff I found on the 'Net. 

The Escapist magazine on 16 February posted The Vampire Spectrum comparing the sexiest/non-sexiest/scariest/non-scariest vampires.  Kudos for Vampirella and Kate Beckinsale for making the sexy/scary cut, but I'd hate to be Count Chocula.

There are four movies I'm really looking forward to seeing this year.  Drive Angry premieres next week.  Pure, mindless entertainment -- what more can you ask for from Nick Cage?  Battle: Los Angeles looks like this years Independence Day.  I'm also anxious about Cowboys and Aliens.  I know the premise sounds like a SyFy movie, but how bad can it be if it has Harrison Ford in it?  (Yes, I know.  No need to remind me of Hanover Street.)  Even though I'm not a fan of video-diary movies, I stumbled across this trailer for Apollo 18.  This movie looks awesome -- unless, of course, all the best scenes are in the preview.. 

One thing I've had to give up this year because of lack of time is videogaming.  After the initial DTs passed, I got used to not having a controller in my hand.  But with the release this year of Dead Space and Dead Island, I have a feeling I'll be spending less time in from of the laptop and more in front of X-Box.

And finally, McFarlane Toys is developing a series of action figures based on AMC's The Walking Dead TV series.  Check them out at Zombie Hoard

Well, enough rambling.  I have to get ready for today's book signing. 

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