Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Awesome Reviews of Rotter World

I was really fortunate today to get home and find that two excellent reviews of Rotter World had been posted online.

The first is by Peter Schwotzer of Famous Monsters of Filmland. Peter writes: What sets this book apart from the usual zombie/vampire trope that is being published today is Scott’s ability to breathe real life into his characters, human and vampire alike. Even minor characters that you barely get to know before they are killed are fully realized and life-like. That is what I like most about Scott’s fiction, his innate ability to write characters that I come to care about. Make no mistake, this book is brutally violent and frightening, with enough gore to appease even the most fanatical gore hound.  The world has ended, it has been overrun by flesh eating zombies, you have to have violence and gore. But it never seemed that Scott used the gore and violence unnecessarily, it always seemed to me to fit in the story arc beautifully.

You can read the entire Famous Monsters of Filmland review here.

The second review is from Wickedly Bookish which writes:  Rotter World is a stomach churning, heart-pumping, zombie killing extravaganza.  A true feast for the zombie in you....  Rotter World is very much a book that spares no detail when it comes to graphic gore. 

You can read the entire Wickedly Bookish review here

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