Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to Work - With Sad News

I took an intentional two-week hiatus from writing to unpack and start to get everything in order at the new place.  I was hoping to resume blogging today with good news.  Instead, I have to announce that yesterday afternoon my family assisted Cocoa across Rainbow Bridge. 

Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know that Cocoa was the inspiration for Van Helsing, Drake Matthew's pet rabbit, in The Vampire Hunters trilogy.  Cocoa was over eleven years old, which translates into the nineties in human years.  Despite arthritis and glaucoma, he was a happy guy right up until near the end.  He was always begging for a treat or a pet, and was always happy to see me.

Unfortunately, a chronic condition from an abscess in his ear from five years ago flared up, became infected, and went into his sinuses and lungs.  Even if he survived, his quality of life would have been nowhere near what it was before.  So we made the decision to let him cross the Bridge where he can now bink and be happy.  I am heart broken, but I know he's now in a better place. 

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