Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Will Be Attending InfectScranton 2013

It's official.  I will be attending Infect Scranton 2013 in Scranton, Pennsylvania from 20-22 September 2013.  My fellow guest authors are Jonathon Maberry, Jacqueline Druga, Kim Paffenroth, Matt Mogk, and Kirk Allmond.  Other celebrity guests include Lev "Axel" Temple, Vincent "Oscar" Ward, Addy (Little Girl Zombie" Miller, and Travis "Screwdriver Zombie" Charpentier from The Walking Dead as well as  Jim "Helicopter Zombie" Krut, Mike "Hare Krishna Zombie" Christopher, Len "Machete Zombie" Lies, and Sharon "Nurse Zombie" Ceccatti-Hill from George Romero's Dawn of the Dead.  I will post more as the event gets close.  You can also follow Infect Scraton 2013 on Facebook here.

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