Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yeitso Will Be Released 23 August

The much-anticipated release (at least by me) of Yeitso is scheduled for next Saturday, 23 August. Prior to that, Blood Bound Books will be running a week-long trivia contest to give away a free e-book version of the novel.

What is Yeitso? As I've mentioned before, it's my homage to the 1950s B-grade giant insect movies that influenced me as a Monster Kid. Below is the official description from the jacket cover:

Yeitso brought me back to those glorious Saturday afternoons of my youth watching Creature Double Feature. - Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

Big city life is dangerous. Rape, murder, gangs… not the best place to raise a teenage daughter on your own. That’s why big-city cop and recent divorcee Russell Andrews agreed to move to the desert and be the sheriff of a sleepy little New Mexican town. But the desert has secrets. Giant secrets. Secrets that eat men alive and threaten entire towns. Andrews comes face to face with a thing out of a myth, something that modern man has no name for. The Navajo call it Yeitso.

Yeitso is the perfect blend of small town quirk and pulpy monster madness that will leave you cringing and wanting more! - Ryan C. Thomas, author of Salticidae and Hissers.

It's giant killer beetles! How can you not love it? - Jeff Strand, author of Mandibles

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