Monday, November 10, 2014

Interesting Posts from Other Websites

For all writers out there, if you read only one thing that I post this year, make sure Cheap Words is the one. This is an article from The New Yorker detailing how Amazon came to dominate the publishing industry, its relationship with the Big Six publishers and how that relationship impacted writers, and the state of the industry today (including self publishing).

Complimenting the above is this piece by Forbes titled Amazon vs. Book Publishers, By the Numbers that offers some interesting (and, for writers, some sobering) statistical information relating to the publishing industry.

Last Monday, Brian Keene posted a blog on The Secret To Crafting Effective Horror. It's a quick read because the secret is quite simple, yet sadly I've ssen too many books that read miserably because the writer failed to grasp this basic concept.

Finally, a somewhat prudish essay from Rachel Lu on Ladies, It's Time To Stop Falling in Love with Vampires.

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