Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cover Reveal, Release Information for Rotter Nation

Rotter Nation, the much-awaited sequel to Rotter World, is scheduled for release on 15 June 2015!!!

Despite being nine months into a zombie apocalypse, life had taken a fortunate turn for Mike Robson and Natalie Barzagan. Not only had their group retrieved the vaccine for the Zombie Virus from the underground military facility at Site R, they had found love with each other. That optimism is short-lived. When the group returns to its camp, a rape gang has destroyed the compound, murdered their friends, and kidnapped one of the young women. 

With everything they have achieved now destroyed, Robson makes the fateful decision to split his group. As he organizes a desperate attempt to rescue their friend from the rape gang, Natalie leads her Angels through a rotter-infested nation to bring the vaccine to the government-in-exile on Omaha.

Both groups soon discover that everything that has happened to them up to now cannot compare with the horrors they are about to encounter.

The Kindle version of Rotter Nation is available for pre-order from Amazon. The trade paperback version will be available soon.

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Click here to read an excerpt from Rotter Nation.

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