Monday, June 15, 2015

It's Official!! Rotter Nation Is Now Available for Kindle and as a Trade Paperback

Rotter Nation, the second book in the Rotter World saga, is now available for Kindle or as a trade paperback

I know it's been a long wait to get Rotter Nation into print, and I appreciate the patience of my fans who have been anxiously waiting to see how the survivors from the first book make out following their journey down to Site R. The wait is over!

Despite being nine months into a zombie apocalypse, life has taken a fortunate turn for Mike Robson and Natalie Bazargan. Not only has their group retrieved the vaccine for the Zombie Virus from the underground military facility at Site R, they have found love with each other. That optimism is short-lived. When the group returns to its base camp, they discover that a rape gang has destroyed the compound, murdered their friends, and kidnapped one of the young women.

With everything they have achieved now destroyed, Robson makes the fateful decision to split his group. As he and the surviving vampires organize a desperate attempt to rescue their friend from the rape gang, Natalie leads her Angels through a rotter-infested nation to bring the vaccine to the government-in-exile in Omaha.

Both groups soon discover that everything that has happened to them up to now can not compare with the horrors they are about to encounter.

You can read an excerpt from Rotter Nation here.

As part of the official launch of the novel, from 15-30 June I'm running a Goodreads giveaway of ten autographed copies of Rotter Nation.

Finally, as promised earlier, I'm providing a sneak peek of the cover art for the last book in the trilogy, Rotter Apocalypse, which is scheduled for release 1 October. Many thanks to Zach McCain for the work he did on the this and the Rotter Nation cover.

Good luck for those of you who enter the giveaway. For those who read Rotter Nation, please do a struggling writer a favor and post a review on Amazon. Thanks and enjoy.

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