Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bad Moon on the Rise -- Thirty-One Days of Horror/Thriller Writers

Starting today, Books & Such is beginning its Bad Moon on the Rise series to showcase thirty-one horror/thriller writers, one per day throughout October. I've listed below the writers who will be showcased. This is a great opportunity to get to know some new writers and maybe make some new favorites.

Calvin Dean
David Brian
Quentin Wallace
Melvin Rivers
S.J. Romero
Nick Rippington
Deke Mackey, Jr.
Perry Lake
S.A. Hunt
Franklin Kendrick
David Haynes
Austin Crawley
Patrick Jones
Sarah M. Cradit
C.S. Boyack
Ellie Firestone
Stephen McQuiggan
J.G. Clay
J. Thorn
Armand Rosamilia
M. Katherine Clark
Sara Bain
Joleene Naylor
Paula Cappa
Morgan Jane Mitchell
Stephen Morris
N.P. Martin
Phillip T. Stephens
Scott M. Baker
Carole Nomarhas

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