Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last Few Days of the Vampire Books for Blood Charity Event

We are approaching the last few days of the Vampire Books for Blood charity event. A contest is being held to see who will win something awesome. Just go over to the #VB4B Facebook page and tell them what you enjoyed most about the month -- the comment with the most "likes" before Halloween wins the amazing prize. 

Let me give a shout out to all the vampire lovers out there. You have made this event a huge success, and all of us who are participating appreciate that. Let's go out with a bang, like a ray of sunlight into a nest of the undead, Please buy at least one more book before the 31st. It doesn't have to be mine (although that would be nice). Give into your inner desires and buy that book you've been sitting on the fence about. Indulge yourself, or give it as a gift to a friend. Or even better, buy dozens and give them out to Trick or Treaters (although that may not make the neighborhood parents happy). 
And please tell your fang loving friends about it and have them drop by before it's over.

Thank you.

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