Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back To Work

It's been a relaxing two weeks, with several days spent seeing family in Boston and loved ones in Florida. But now it's back to reality (at least for another two weeks).  So let me catch everyone up on what's going on.

Only two days left in the Goodreads giveaway of Rotter World.  There have already been 347 people who have signed up to win one of three autographed, print editions of the novel.  For a chance to get your own copy, just click on the link and press ENTER TO WIN.

I have just finished a series of interview questions for Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, Bricks of the Dead, and Werzombie Press.  They should be published sometime in the next few weeks.  I'll provide links to the interviews when they become available.

Also, I am arranging some more book signings for Maryland and Massachusetts for later this year, but so far nothing definite. 

However, I will be attending two huge zombie conventions.  On 21-23 September I will be at the Infectscranton event in Taylor, Pennsylvania along with fellow Permuted Press authors Jacqueline Druga and Kim Paffenroth.  Others guests include author Matt Mogk (Everything You Wanted To Know About Zombies) as well as cast members from The Walking Dead and George Romero's Dead movies.

And on 19-21 October I will be attending ZombiCon 2012 in Fort Meyers, Florida, again with Jackie Druga.  Although the guest list for this event has not been published yet, Fort Meyers will be crawling all weekend with zombie events.  Definitely check it out. 

That's it for now. 

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  1. Scott, we were on the Steampunk as Alternate History panel at RavenCon. I put together a quick post on some of the content. http://dayalmohamed.com/wordpress/ I was thinking it'd be great to get some input from all the panelists and jointly create a post/article. Thoughts?
    Day Al-Mohamed