Monday, July 2, 2012

My First Foreign Review of Rotter World

Daniel Henriksen from Denmark reached out to me on Facebook the other day to let me know that the Danish website Trauma Magazine reviewed Rotter World and gave it three out of five stars.  If you speak Danish, you can read the entire review here.  If not, I included a partial translation below (courtesy of Google Translate). 

"It is a perilous quest that not everyone survives, and the goal will surprise you with its horror and in the complex takes place beginning of the end, when the complications between human and vampire challenged and internal strife and intrigue arises .. for there is much hatred buried between the two species and it is hard to keep buried. Simultaneously, several of them have ulterior motives with the excursion. It will be a very hectic end.

"Rotter World does not do anything violent fuss. It tries not to be iconic and trendsetting, but live quite sensible in its own universe. It is historically well established and exciting and hard-boiled and squashy for effect and quite erotic for a book in this genre. It is obvious that it lives its life in the events of Site R, because this is where the book really develops. There is much implied in the friction between man and vampire. I would however like to see even more history, because I feel anger and powerlessness in the cynical actions, but it is against the act itself and not the person it hits. I'd like more insight into the protagonists or more focus on each of them so they become more vivid in the book. The same goes for vampires, because there are many references to them, but relatively few scenes with their vampires. I do not think they come in character, but seems more like supporting roles in the plot. Zombies are very clear and detailed, and their deaths equally, there is the book very brutal and visual.

"Rotter World is one of the few books that could actually be beneficial to be longer - a historical first part and an action-packed second part - and it's not call to ask a book to be longer."

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  1. Nice review. I'd say 'congrats' in Danish if I knew how!