Friday, September 6, 2013

When Life Gets in the Way of Writing

I didn't realize until tonight that it has been a month since I've last blogged, which is inexcusable since I retired to become a full-time author. The reason for my not being very active on social media and the 'Net is because life has gotten in the way.

On 19 July, this region of Florida experienced some unprecedentedly-heavy rain, and because of this our backyard flooded and drained into the house. At one point, Ruby was in her litter box watching as the rising waters lapped at the size of her make-shift ark. There was damage to four rooms, and our backyard still looks like it's part of the Everglades. The rabbits had to go to my bunnysitter, and for several weeks the rest of us had to live with my mother-in-law.  Although most of us are back in the house (Walther and Bella are still with my in-laws because we have no backyard for them to play in), the repairs are still far from completed. Needless to say, Alison and I are both extremely frustrated with how long this process is taking.

Professionally, I've not had much time to write.  I spend most of my days either fighting the insurance companies, none of whom  want to pay out; trying to find contractors to fix the house; or arguing with those people who promise to come out and then blow me off.  It's been time consuming and aggravating, and I wouldn't be surprised if my blood pressure was so high that my head is about to pop. But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel - and it's not an oncoming train.

Anyway, things are settling down, and I've actually had time to write this week. So fingers crossed that things continue going well, and hopefully you'll be hearing from me more frequently.

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