Monday, May 19, 2014

More Interesting Posts From Other Websites

Who would have thought that staying home and writing horror novels all day would turn out to be a public service? According to Science Has Spoken: Horror Movies Are Good for You, there are health benefits to watching horror movies. So to those who told me to get a life, the joke is on you; I'm saving them.

This article falls under my personal Sick and Twisted File. For a horror writer who also happens to be a historian, 21 Medieval Torture Devices Take Cruelty to a Gruesome Level of Insanity is like watching porn. And in case anyone is wondering, #1 is my favorite device and #11 is my favorite method of torture.

And of course I couldn't go a week without including something Godzilla related. These alternate concept designs for Godzilla are awesome.

Also, for the fans of the older Godzilla, Mental Floss posted 25 Fun Facts About Godzilla that are fun and entertaining to read.

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