Monday, July 14, 2014

Interesting Posts From Other Websites

I stumbled across this article the other day and thought it was a must-read for anyone who writes about vampires. The Escapist carried this piece by CJ Miozzi titled 8 Ways To Make Vampires Realistic that describes the scientific foundation for the undead. It's fascinating. 

True Blood Psychology: Why Audiences Love Vampires is an assessment pulled together by Kaylynne Spauls from articles published by CNN, For Men, and Psychology Today. I don't agree with her conclusions and I'm interested in what my fans, especially my female fans, think.

Nothing is more awesome than a good vampire death. Apparently FearNet agrees because they listed  The Top Ten Vampire Death Scenes from the Movies. I definitely agree with the top two picks, but feel like FearNet dropped the stake by not including the scene in Brides of Dracula (1960) when van Helsing turns the blades of a burning windmill so they form the shadow of a cross on the fleeing vampire and kill him.

While this is technically not horror-related, Joe McKinney, a homicide detective with the San Antonio Police Department and noted zombie author, offered this very useful insight on 10 Rules for Writing About Cops. If you're a writer and have the police as characters in your story, you need to check this out.

Finally, Vamped has listed The 5 Most Popular Vampire Songs on YouTube, at least according to vampire scholar J. Gordon Melton.

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