Saturday, October 25, 2014

Making My Novels More (P)interesting

Is there really a Site R and a Fort McClary? How was Antioch laid out during the Crusades, or Peenemunde at the end of World War II? What did the Amerika Rakete look like? Or a Pontiac Torpedo staff car or a Buffalo-Springfield two-wheel roller?

Do these questions keep you up at night?

Your quest for answers has been fulfilled. For those of you on Pinterest, I have several boards posted there for Yeitso, The Vampire Hunters: Vampyrnomicon, Nazi Ghouls From Space, and Rotter World. Each of the boards contains maps, photographs, and other research material I used when writing the books. Rather than just let them sit on my computer taking up hard drive space, I thought I'd Pin them and hopefully give the readers a better feel for the respective books. 

I have other boards on writing, monsters, history, and post-apocalyptic art that are also entertaining and, in some instances, informative (who would have thought).

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