Monday, October 13, 2014

More Interesting Posts from Other Websites

The Guardian recently conducted an interview with Peter Piot, one of the Belgian scientists who first identified Ebola in 1976. It's a fascinating story about how Peter and his colleagues realized that the infection they were dealing with was in fact something never before observed by man, and concludes with a frank and sobering assessment of how to deal with the current outbreak.

Looks like Ebola isn't going away any time soon (though that doesn't mean we're in for a pandemic, either). CBS reported on remarks by CDC Director Tom Frieden to a top-level Washington forum in which he stated that the current outbreak is comparable to the AIDS epidemic. The Ominous Math of the Ebola Epidemic is a scientific analysis by The Washington Post on the outbreak and the likelihood that the spread of the virus will continue.

If alien invasions are your thing, then check out The Great Martian War which blends World War I footage with an assault by Martians. Think War of the Worlds meets All Quiet on the Western Front.

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