Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nazi Ghouls From Space Is Available for Kindle!!!

Two days ago I mentioned that soon I'd have exciting news. Well, here it is.

I've always said that the only thing more awesome than zombies are Nazi zombies. For the past few months I've put my money where my mouth is and have been working on a novella titled Nazi Ghouls from Space. Last night, it became available on Kindle (the paperback version will be released in the coming weeks).

The other exciting news: As a Halloween gift to all my fans, I'm offering Nazi Ghouls from Space for only $0.99 until 31 October. After that, the price will increase to $2.99. Unless Elvira comes Trick or Treating to your house, you're not going to get a better deal than that.

So grab a copy while you can and spread the word to your friends. And if you like the novella, please leave a review on Amazon. If you don't like it, just egg my house and we'll call it even.

The title speaks for itself, but if you need more reasons to buy the novella, here's the jacket blurb:

January 1945. The Allies have crossed the German border. In a desperate effort to avoid the inevitable defeat, the Third Reich develops a long-range rocket capable of striking the United States. Three German soldiers pilot the capsule, volunteers who agreed to test fly the craft to ensure victory for the Fatherland. However, a technical malfunction propels them into orbit with no way to bring them home.

July 1947. The capsule plummets back to Earth and crashes in the isolated flats of the New Mexico desert. What returns are not the bodies of the three German soldiers lost in space for over two years, but something far more ghoulish. When an unsuspecting rancher opens the hatch to check inside, he unleashes on America the reanimated bodies of the test pilots who are now living dead creatures that crave human flesh. 

Also, I want to give a shout out to Morgan Carrie, the very talented artist who did the cover art for the novella. If you like Morgan's work, check out her website Artful Treasures.

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