Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Rotting Zombie Review of Rotter Apocalypse

This week The Rotting Zombie posted a review of Rotter Apocalypse, the final book in my Rotter World trilogy, giving the book nine out of ten rotting zombie heads and calling it "another great zombie story." The review notes:

There is a lot of zombie fighting action, the undead described in as much detail as always giving you a visualisation of their condition and the sheer amount of them. Lots of ghouls get dispatched in many ways (death by bull my favourite!) but there also a whole host of humans falling victim to them in different exciting ways such as one poor soldier who is trapped while hiding under a truck, zombies in mass are always more awesome than lone ones and on that front Apocalypse delivers.

The quality of the writing is as good as it has ever been, still riding high on where it got to by the end of World, Baker contains the tradition of short snappy chapters that make Apocalypse so easy to read in short sessions and keep you coming back for just one more chapter. By book three you have come to know some of these characters, this doesn't stop Baker from being as ruthless with their lives as he always has been, by the end key characters are no more, a lot not even getting heroic deaths. This all leads up to a tightly wound up ending that was maybe slightly too optimistic but bizarrely not one that many zombie novels I have read go down.

You can read the entire review here, as well as The Rotting Zombie's reviews of Rotter World and Rotter Nation

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