Friday, July 29, 2011

Review of Stripperland!

Title:  Stripperland!

Date: 2010


Fleeing the wrath of man-eating vixens who've taken over the world, a ragtag caravan of refugees makes its way across the country to the relative safety of the West Coast. But en route, they're attacked by unrelenting waves of starving strippers. If looks could kill ... well, let's just hope they can't.

When I saw the jacket cover I thought, “Zombies and strippers. What more can I want?”

How about a plot?

This movie describes itself as a parody of Zombieland.  In this version, the zombie outbreak starts with an exotic dancer who takes tainted drugs, and then spreads rapidly through the stripper community.  Our heroes who try to survive the living dead apocalypse are straight out of the original: the neurotic geek with his rules for survival, the anti-hero who lives for the zombie kill, and the two “damsels in distress” who are tougher and smarter than our heroes.  This is where the comparison ends. 

For the first fifteen minutes, Stripperland was entertaining as Director Sean Skelding set up the premise and introduced the characters.  After that, the movie devolved into a disoriented storyline that shambled along worse than the zombies.  The only reason I didn’t get up and pop this one out of my DVR was because I was on the floor petting the rabbits and didn’t want to disturb them.  They owe me for that one.  

Don’t waste your time with this movie.  I give this one half a rotting zombie head out of five – and I’m being generous.

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