Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Will Be Attending Infectscranton 21-22 September

In addition to attending Ravencon this weekend and Crypticon in May, I will also be attending the Infectscranton event in Scranton, Pennsylvania from 21-22 September 2012.  I'm very excited about this, and not just because I'll be attending as one of the celebrities.  The organizers are doing an awesome job of pulling together an impressive array of zombie-related figures.  Scheduled guests so far include Permuted Press author Jacquline Druga; Night of the Living Dead start Judith O'Dea (Barbara) and  Russ Streiner; Madison Lintz (Sophia) nd Addy Miller (Little Girl Zombie) from The Walking Dead; Matt Mogk, author of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Zombies; and many more to be announced.  Definitely check out the webpage frequently and book your tickets before they're sold out.

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