Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Remembering Polly

Today is a going to be a sad day.  Four yeas ago I lost my sweet little Polly, pictured above grooming my bald spot.  She came from a rescue situation in New Jersey where she shared a pen with thirty-seven other rabbits and had to fight for her food.  When I adopted her, she had a chunk taken out of one ear, half her nose was missing, and she had a major "don't-frack-with-me" Jersey attitude.  But she loved her daddy more than anything.  Polly greeted me every morning with a nose bath, and at night would sleep on the bed between my legs like a cat.  Unfortunately, she was taken away when she was still young as the result of a rare, genetic disease.  I was heart borken.  (For anyone who has read The Vampire Hunters: Dominion, I wrote the confrontation between Drake and van Helsing right after returning from leaving Polly at the vet, which is why that scene is so poignant.  Writing it was painful but cathartic.)  She may no longer be with me, but she'll always be loved.

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