Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pictures From Our Trip to Germany and Austria: Salzburg

The next stop on our trip was Salzburg, Austria.

This is the main shopping district in Salzburg, the Getreidegasse. All the store signs are metal overhangs. At the far end of the street is visible the front facade of the Church of Saint Blasius.

This is the view from Hohensalzburg Castle overlooking the Altstadt, or old town section of the city, which is renowned for its baroque architecture. Salzburg Cathedral (built in the 17th Century) can be seen on the right. We stayed in a lovely hotel just on the other side of the river.

Hohensalzburg Castle looking up from the Altstadt. Its construction dates back to 1077.

The Christmas market inside the castle courtyard. It's not as impressive as the one in Nuremberg, but they had gluhwein, so I was happy.

The front facade of Salzburg Cathedral. Originally built in 774, the cathedral underwent numerous renovations before finally being refurbished in the baroque style in the 17th Century.

The interior of Salzburg Cathedral.

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