Monday, March 9, 2015

Interesting Posts From Other Websites

Time for some controversy. Self-Publishers Should Not Be Called Authors postulates that not everyone who self-publishes a book can be considered an author, and that this title should only be given to those who make a living from their writing. But what about people who make a living at the craft but do not write well, and whose books sell because of the popularity of the story or because of the genre (such as erotica)? Do you think the author's viewpoint is valid?

Ironically, self-published writer Hugh Howey offers his own insights into how self-publishing is becoming the norm for the industry today, and how it is beneficial (especially to new writers), in Self-publishing is the future -- and great for writers.

The Internet is awash with opinions about why the zombie culture is so popular. However, We're obsessed with zombies -- which says a lot about today offers a new insight (to me anyway) as to why the populace is so enthralled with the living dead -- globalization.

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