Friday, March 20, 2015

Update on Rotter Nation and Rotter Apocalypse

I've spent the last two weeks crashing on the two sequels to Rotter World trying to get these books squared away so I can them released. I can honestly say that those two weeks were time well spent.

Rotter Nation is in final production. All the edits have been completed. Zach McCain is drawing the cover art while I pull together the last parts (acknowledgement section, jacket blurbs, etc.). The book should go into formatting in a few weeks and will be released in late April, in time to be available for the Spooky Mayhem (May) and Walker Stalker conventions (June) in Atlanta.

The final draft of Rotter Apocalypse was completed and sent off to my editor this morning. I'm still looking at a September release date for that book.

I hope to have a zombie-related surprise available for release before Spooky Mayhem. More on that as it develops.

With the grunt work done on the Rotter saga, starting next week I plan to move on to some new and even more exciting projects.

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