Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Cautionary Tale for Aspiring Writers

[NOTE: This posting is in lieu of the regular Interesting Postings from Other Websites.]

Back on 16 July I posted My Own Cautionary Tale for Aspiring Writers to warn them about some of the less reputable independent publishers in the industry. Sadly, sometimes you even have to be careful with the more reputable publishers as is detailed in The Curious Case of Ellora's Cave.

For those unfamiliar with Ellora's Cave, the publishing house was established in 2000 in the days before the Kindle and Nook, and quickly carved out an empire for itself by selling PDF books via email in the erotica genre. That empire is now crashing down around the company and, sadly, its stable of writers because of greed, fraud, and mismanagement. While this case is an exception within the industry, it's worth any author's time to get to know the details.

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