Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cover Art for Upcoming Projects

Below is the cover art for two projects that will be released in October.

On 10 October, Emby Press will be releasing The Vampire Hunters: Vampyrnomicon, the sequel to The Vampire Hunters. In this novel, Drake Matthews and Alison Monroe battle The Master for control of the Vampyrnomicon, the book that reveals the darkest secrets of the vampire society.

Also scheduled for release by Emby Press on 10 October is the Monster Hunter -- Doomsday anthology. It contains my short story "From Space It Came" about a giant wolf spider mutated by radiation that crashes to Earth inside the space station and threatens a Florida college town. Below is a list of the other writers and stories that will appear in the anthology.

1. The Mercury Cascade by Paul D. Hayes
2. The Trials of Blood by Robert Cristante
3. The Deadly Toy by Tom Howard
4. Allies of Convenience by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
5. Besta Preto by Tim Jeffreys
6. Hardy by Jason Lairamore
7. The Sin that Slew the World by James Fadeley
8. Vengeance is 9 by Joyce Frohn
9. Zombies and Other Ways to Break Your Heat by Erika Dusen Tamindzija
10. Source by Benjamin T. Smith
11. The World Turned Upside-Down by John X. Grey
12. Flight of the Bumble-Beelzebubs by William R.D. Wood
13. Silver Tide by Jonathan Ward
14. Shadows by Patrick Van Slyke
15. From Space It Came by Scott M. Baker
16. At the Gates by David Dunwoody
17. Mr. Toad vs. Dracula by Gareth Barsby

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