Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lessens Learned as a Writer: Don't Videotape Your Interview with the Dogs in the House

This past Sunday, I was trying to prepare a video answer to some interview questions for Jaideep Khanduja's website Pebble in the Still Waters. I had chosen a good question/answer that I thought would catch the readers' attention, chosen an appropriate background, and sat down to record my answer. The only thing I hadn't done was make sure the doors to the study were closed. Rather than a one-minute video answer to an interview question, I got several minutes of bloopers. Enjoy.

Take One. Look for Walther's nose at the bottom of the screen.

Take Two: Walther doesn't take no for an answer.

Take Three: Bella gets into the act.

Take Four: It's no better when your wife is behind the camera making you laugh.


  1. That is just awesome Thanks for posting those, sir.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Those two provide me with hours of entertainment. I love that they sit with me in the study as I write.